Content Freedom:

I started the Light Letter as a way to Content Freedom. To share my ideas and art outside of the censorship and growing cost of interacting on social networks like Facebook. It’s about being able to speak freely without being censored by algorithms or draconian rules fitted to someone else’s opinions of goals. It’s about freedom.

It started with a portrait I released called The Bath. This simple portrait was removed from Facebook and I was banned for a period for posting it. Content Freedom is not about leaving all social networks forever. It’s about the fact that they come and go, lose sight of freedom of speech or start charging too much to get heard. Content freedom about is content makers making content that they own and control, but that they can still share on a mass scale with those interested.

The problem is that while many of us have blogs and websites, we have come to rely on social networks like Facebook, Google+ TwitterĀ  and others get people to go and look at said sites. While this can be useful, that plug can be pulled at any moment. Become a part of Content Freedom and stop relying only on others to spread your content.

Share content your way, using no-spam email lists, building RSS subscriptions and leveraging other innovative sources that you control. The Light Letter it’s Gavin’s first effort at Content Freedom. We hope you’ll join too and free your own content. When you do, share what worked with the world and even. send me an email, to tell your story. If you’re a photography or art related letter, you might even get featured in The Light Letter.

Lets start freeing our content so we’re not under the thumb of others to get our voices heard. Gavin Seim