Gavin camping with his wife Sondra and their kids Cy, Ana and Asher in a portrait by Ken Whitmire – Spring 2012

Gavin is a twenty seven year old Portraitist, Pictorialist, Speaker and Writer from Central Washington, where he owns a studio gallery that showcases his signature wall art.

When not in the gallery, Gavin frequently takes his family on the open road in the Super Camper, exploring, searching for beauty and teaching workshops. Active since around age twelve, Gavin’s work is influenced by many classical painters and master photographers.

Gavin focuses on crafting portraits and pictorials to hang on walls and showcase the personality and beauty of his subjects. Through study of the art, science and the history of his mediums, Gavin has become renown for both his engaging presentation and his award winning images.

Gavin is also host of the Pro Photo Show podcast, the maker of Seim Effects, a line of powerful tools for photographers and the man behind the EXposed workshop. A completely unique video series for photographers that takes light to it’s most basic and teaches photographers to master tone.

You can learn more about Gavin here and see his latest projects on his homepage,