The Light Letter – First Edition: Resting Place, Norman Rockwell

“Gavin here. This marks the first issue of what begin with with an idea of Content Freedom after my recent portrait, The Bath got me banned from Facebook for a time. Something I now refer to as a Facebook Spanking. That was not such a bad thing because it made me think about reaching people. About not relying so much on places like FB. Sure there’s other networks like G+ and I’m there too, but they could face the same problems in the future. Hence, The Light Letter. Yes, this is a journal about my latest work and ideas. But is more than that. It’s a study for artists and a journey for all of us who love art. Lets get rolling. Oh and if you’re new to the letter, you can learn more about me right here” – Continues…

View Light Letter #001 in your browser.

Or, Download PDF Archive.


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